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Just Completed Production of a USC Thesis Film ("Ten Thousand Miles" written & directed by Nathan Ellis)

The past two weekends I have been keeping myself busy working as the Military Advisor as well as wardrobe assistant for Nathan Ellis's USC Thesis film "Ten Thousand Miles," a film about an Army Captain who tries to re-establish a "new normal" coming home from a deployment to Afghanistan after learning his wife cheated on him. 

Working in production was a great experience - Nate is a great leader on set. I also learned a lot from the Wardrobe Department Head, Aoife Baker. Wardrobe can be much more demanding than I originally thought; which is something that I already knew but forgot going into production! (I can be pretty judgmental towards military films when they have seemingly minute stuff wrong - so you can bet I was paying attention to detail!) Having said that, Fe was a great partner when trying to get the details down correctly. I truly enjoyed working her!

"Ten Thousand Miles" is expected to be completed by end of June 2016. More to follow later.