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#1: Being Helpful Is Invaluable

You cannot make it in the film industry all on your own -- no matter what you do!

Something I realized as I developed as an adult, especially while in the Army, is that helping others is invaluable. Unless you have unlimited resources or Steven Spielberg happens to love you (not like you -- LOVE you), your best resource is your network of relationships with others.

Here are the expectations you need to have in order to be successful:

  1. No one will ever help you. The only thing that will ever come to you on a silver platter is if your name is George Lucas or Steven Spielberg. Or if you do what they did by working your ass off. Star Wars and Indiana Jones didn't just happen - they made it happen. They sat down and worked hard to develop a story on their own. Sure, people probably helped them write the story, but they had to do the work on their own for the most part. Help yourself first!
  2. Help everyone. Okay, maybe not everyone. But if you have an opportunity to give someone even a few moments, there's no telling what the return will be. If you can contribute your strengths for others, then you can become a valuable asset -- and your strengths coupled with experience will make you even more valuable down the road!
  3. The one person who will make the biggest impact will do so when it's convenient for him or her. You will meet countless numbers of individuals, all with varying amounts of passion and ambition to be successful; but not everyone is able or willing to help. And when that one person is willing to help you, they have to know you first. This means trust and respect for you and everything that you represent. So make yourself trustworthy and understood. Socialize! Get to know people on a personal level! Make friends!

Feel free to contribute to this blog entry as well as other entries I post on my website. I will continue to add to this as time goes on especially as I continue this long path to become a professional filmmaker.