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#4: Creative "Muscular System" - Screenplays and Comic Books

Probably an odd title for a posting, but bear with me just this once.

One of my favorite film composers is Michael Giacchino (Up, Star Trek, The Incredibles.) I was really happy for him when he won an Oscar for his music in Up (--he knows how to make truly moving music.) I'll also never forget his acceptance speech. He spoke about how he used to play with his father's 8MM wind-up camera for fun, but no one in his family ever discouraged him by saying it was a "waste of time;" especially since he'd go on to be such a great music composer.

When it comes to creative projects, everything is connected.

I liken this to what I know about the human muscular system when it comes to being physically fit. If you want to be the best you physically can be, you don't just do push-ups in the gym -- you do a variety of work outs! You do pull-ups, bench press, squats, etc. All your muscles are interconnected and if you pay attention to even the smallest muscle groups, you can see dividends in growth.

I want to share something with you for your patience: here's a link to a comic book that I originally wrote when I returned from Iraq that I have since re-written. One of my ultimate goals is to eventually bring a comic book to life on the big screen, so -- kinda like Michael Giacchino's speech -- it's a creative project that's supplemental to my creative being as a whole.

I've finally decided to publish it online for everyone to see, and I really hope you can connect with what I wrote.